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Faculty and Staff Listing

biology department

Refer to the lists below to learn about the Faculty and Administrative Staff in the Biology Department at Boston College.

Biology Faculty – Graduate Research and Teaching Faculty

  Name   Research   Contact
Anthony T. Annunziato
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Molecular biology; Chromatin assembly and histone modifications in mammalian cells and fission yeast 617-552-3812
401A Higgins
Joseph R. Burdo
Ph.D., Penn State College of Medicine
Assistant Professor of the Practice
Hereditary hemochromatosis as a modifier of heavy metal toxicity in the brain, development of a cell culture model of human stroke and identification of neuroprotective compounds using that culture model 617-552-3556
544B Higgins
David Burgess
Ph.D., University of California at Davis
Cytokinesis, polarization of the cytoskeleton 617-552-1606
528 Higgins
Hugh P. Cam
Ph.D., Harvard University
Assistant Professor
Epigenetics, functional genomics, gene regulatory networks, molecular mechanisms of genome plasticity 617-552-6851
501A Higgins
Thomas C. Chiles
Ph.D., University of Florida, College of Medicine
The DeLuca Chair in Biology
Professor & Department Chair
B lymphocyte growth and survival, metabolomics, nanodiagnostics
414 Higgins
Peter Clote
Ph.D., Duke University
RNA thermodynamics-based algorithms, protein and RNA structure, function and molecular evolution machine learning in bioinformatics 617-552-1332
577 Higgins
Mary Kathleen Dunn
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Associate Professor & Associate Chair
Transcriptional regulation of nodule formation 617-552-3217
412 Higgins
Rebecca Dunn
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Dunn's area of expertise is molecular cell biology, epigenetics, and biotechnology. 411 Higgins
Eric S. Folker
Ph.D., Notre Dame
Assistant Professor
Cellular Organization.  Mechanisms of nuclear movement and the role of nuclear movement in muscle development and disease pathogenesis. 617-552-1809
Higgins 578
Joining Faculty in January 2014
Marc-Jan Gubbels
Ph.D., Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Associate Professor
Genetic approaches towards the cell biology of Toxoplasma gondii 617-552-8722
501B Higgins
Laura E. Hake
Ph.D., Tufts University
Associate Professor
Translational regulation and signal transduction during meiosis and in early animal development 617-552-1935
444B Higgins
Charles Hoffman
Ph.D., Tufts University, Sackler School
Professor &
Graduate Program Director
Glucose sensing, signal transduction, and transcriptional regulation in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe 617-552-2779
401B Higgins
Welkin Johnson
Ph.D., Tufts University, School of Medicine
Retroviruses; Primate lentiviruses (HIV and SIV); Co-evolution of viruses and their hosts
545B Higgins
Daniel A. Kirschner
Ph.D., Harvard University
Structural analysis of amyloids and myelin sheaths 617-552-0211
515 Higgins
Laura Anne Lowery
Ph.D., MIT
Assistant Professor
Cytoskeletal dynamics during cell migration, axon outgrowth, development of the nervous system 617-552-1608
Higgins 428
Joining Faculty in January 2014
Michelle Meyer
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Assistant Professor
Computational biology, non-coding RNA discovery and validation, molecular evolution, RNA and protein structure 617-552-0735
444A Higgins
Junona Moroianu
Ph.D., Rockefeller University
Associate Professor
Nuclear import and export of viral and cellular macromolecules 617-552-1713
644B Higgins
Marc A.T. Muskavitch
Ph.D., Stanford University
Malaria and vector biology, vector mosquito genomics and genetics, malaria parasite proteasome function.
568 Higgins
David S. Newburg
Ph.D. Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Research Professor
Bioactive glycans of human milk, glycans of the immature intestinal mucosa, and how these glycans interact to provide a coordinated innate immune system that promotes normal gut colonization while inhibiting enteric diseases. 617-552-1529
477 Higgins
Clare M. O'Connor
Ph.D., Purdue University
Associate Professor
Protein methylation and the repair of age-damaged proteins 617-552-2553
478 Higgins
Thomas N. Seyfried Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Gene-environmental interactions in epilepsy and brain cancer 617-552-3563
514 Higgins
Danielle Taghian Ph.D., Harvard University
Assistant Professor of the Practice
Dr. Taghian teaches in Developmental Biology and Cancer Biology. She has taught labs in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics, and Mammalian Cell Culture. Her research background includes work in DNA recombination and repair mechanisms and the response of human cancers to ionizing radiation. 617-552-6325
544A Higgins
Kenneth C. Williams Ph.D., McGill University
Central nervous system macrophages, neuroAIDS, AIDS pathogenesis, monocyte/macrophage biology 617-552-1186
445B Higgins
Tim van Opijnen Ph.D.; University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Assistant Professor
Microbial Systems Biology; drug/gene interaction networks and the development of new antimicrobials, the development of genome-wide next generation sequencing strategies to link genotypes to phenotypes, and the engineering of bacteria with new traits and novel applicability. 617-552-0804
420A Higgins
Robert Wolff
Ph.D., Tufts University
Associate Professor of the Practice, Director of Premedical Office
Behavioral Ecology, Marine Ecology, Pre-Health Careers 617-552-4663
648 Higgins


Biology Part-Time Faculty

  Name   Research   Contact
Lynn DiBenedetto
PhD., University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Dr. DiBenedetto teaches Human Anatomy and lab for Biology majors and Microbiology lab for nursing students
425 Higgins
Valentina Di Santo
Ph.D., Boston University
Dr. Di Santo teaches Ecology & Evolution 425 Higgins
Ismael Ben F. Fofana
Ph.D., University of Cocody

Dr. Fofana teaches Research in Molecular Biology Lab 545A Higgins
Carol Chaia Halpern
Ph.D., Rockefeller University
Dr. Halpern teaches Anatomy & Physiology for nursing students. 425 Higgins
Christopher Kenaley
Ph.D., University of Washington
Dr. Kenaley teaches Intro to Physiology and Ecology & Evolution
425 Higgins
Margaret McLaughlin-Drubin
Ph.D., Penn State College of Medicine
Dr. McLaughlin-Drubin teaches Molecules and Cells and Genetics & Genomics
425 Higgins
Debra Mullikin-Kilpatrick
Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Dr. Mullikin-Kilpatrick's area of expertise is neurobiology; specifically, modulation of neuronal voltage-activated calcium channels.  Currently, she teaches Human Physiology and lab. 425 Higgins
Lisa Nelson
Ph.D., Boston College
Dr. Nelson teaches Anatomy & Physiology for nursing students. 375 Higgins


Research Associate Professors

  Name   Research   Contact
Tricia Burdo, Ph.D.
Williams Lab
NeuroAIDS pathogenesis, HIV/SIV peripheral neuropathy, osteopontin, monocytes/macrophages 445A Higgins


Research Assistant Professors

  Name   Research   Contact
Ivan Dotu, Ph.D.
Clote Lab
Computational Biology, RNA structure, System Biology 581 Higgins
Ismael Ben F. Fofana, Ph.D.
Johnson Lab
HIV/AIDS vaccine, SIV/macaque model of AIDS, System Vaccinology, Phage Display and Antibody Engineering 545A Higgins
Eva-Katharina Pauli, Ph.D.
Johnson Lab
Virus-host interaction, signal transduction, intrinsic immunity, restriction factors 545A Higgins
Purna Mukherjee, Ph.D.
Seyfried Lab
Molecular mechanisms of diet on brain tumors 510 Higgins


Biology Administration

  Position   Name   Email   Location


Biology Department Administration General Number
Biology Office
355 Higgins Hall
Chairperson Thomas C. Chiles, Ph.D. 355 Higgins Hall
Associate Chairperson
& Undergraduate Program Director
Mary Kathleen Dunn, Ph.D. 412 Higgins Hall
Graduate Program Director Charles Hoffman, Ph.D. 401B Higgins Hall
Department Administrator/
Graduate Program Administrator
Peter Marino 355 Higgins Hall
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs
Kristen Adrien 355 Higgins Hall
Administrative Assistant Diane Butera 355 Higgins Hall
Faculty Support Assistant Colette McLaughlin 355 Higgins Hall
Unix Systems Administrator Tony Schreiner, Ph.D. anthony.schreiner
555 Higgins Hall
Cell Sorting Facility Manager Patrick Autissier 455 Higgins Hall
Imaging Facility Manager Bret Judson 525 Higgins Hall
Director of Laboratories Doug Warner, Ph.D. 378 Higgins Hall

Assistant Director of Laboratories Holli Rowedder 376 Higgins Hall


Arts & Sciences Service Center

  Position   Name   Email   Location
Manager, Finance & Administration Patrick Coleman 355C Higgins Hall
Fiscal & Grant Manager Travis Songer 151N Stokes Hall
Operations Assistant Brad Garman 175 Higgins Hall
Fiscal & Procurement Specialist Donna Gillis 355E Higgins Hall
Fiscal & Administrative Operations Specialist Carole Cardarelli 
355E Higgins Hall
Grant Administrator Dina Goodfriend 355E Higgins Hall
Facility & Operations Manager John O'Grady 355D Higgins Hall
Senior Grant Administrator Rosemary Panza 355E Higgins Hall
TC Sciences  Howard White 223 Higgins Hall

For more information about the A&S Service Center, please visit the A&S Service Center Website.