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Christina Klein

english department

photo of Christina Klein

Associate Professor

B.A., Wesleyan University, 1986                                  
Ph.D., Yale University, 1997

Stokes Hall S479
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Phone: 617-552-3708
Fax: 617-552-4220

Academic Profile

Academic specializations: American studies, film studies, American literature, the literature and culture of America’s encounters with Asia. Prof. Klein is currently writing a book about the globalization of U.S. and Asian film industries.



Articles and Book Chapters

  • "The American Horror Film? Globalization and Transnational U.S.-Asian Genres," chapter in edited collection The American Horror Film Today, ed. Steffen Hantke, University of Mississippi Press (forthcoming).
  • "Why American Studies Needs to Think About Korean Cinema, or Transnational Genres in the Films of Bong Joon-ho," American Quarterly 60.4 (2008): 871-898.
  • "Kung Fu Hustle: Transnational Production and the Global Chinese-Language Film," Journal of Chinese Cinemas 1.3 (2007) 189-208.
  • "Martial Arts and the Globalization of U.S. and Asian Film Industries," Comparative American Studies 2.3 (2004) 360-384.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: A Diasporic Reading,” Cinema Journal, 43.4 (2004): 18-42.
  • Transnational Conversations: A Web Pedagogy,” with Jeffrey Partridge, Academic Exchange Quarterly 7.1 (Spring 2003): 282-286.
  • "The King and I: Modernization as Cultural Transformation," in Staging Growth: Modernization, Development, and the Globalization of the Cold War, eds. David Engerman, Nils Gilman, Mark Haefele, Michael Latham.  (University of Massachusetts Press, 2003): 129-162.
  • "The Sentimental Culture of Global Integration," the minnesota review No. 55-57 (2002): 153-166.
  • "Family Ties and Political Obligation: The Discourse of Adoption and the Cold War Commitment to Asia," Cold War Constructions: The Political Culture of United States Imperialism, 1945-1964, ed. Christian Appy. (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2000): 35-66.
  • "Syudan Anzenhosho no Kuwadate: Reisen no Sokan tositeno Osama to Watashi," (Japanese translation of "'Shall We Dance?': Staging Collective Security")  Doshisha Amerika Kenkyu / Doshisha American Studies No. 34 (1998): 91-98. (Published by the Center for American Studies at Doshisha University, Japan)
  • "'Everything of interest in the late Pine Ridge War are held by us for sale': Popular Culture and Wounded Knee," Western Historical Quarterly 25.1 (1994): 45-68.

Publications – Critical Journalism

Publications – Book Reviews

  • Review of Antoinette Burton, The Postcolonial Careers of Santha Rama Rau, in Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 9.2 (2008).
  • Review of Karen J. Leong, The China Mystique: Pearl S. Buck, Anna May Wong, Mayling Soong, and the Transformation of American Orientalism, in Journal of American History 93.1 (2006): 261. 
  • Review of Yale Richmond, Cultural Exchange and the Cold War: Raising the Iron Curtain, in American Studies 45.1 (2004): 168-169.
  • Review of Melani McAlister, Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East, 1945-2000, in Paradoxa: Studies in World Literary Genres No. 18 (2003): 345-349.
  • Review of Toby Miller et al., Global Hollywood and Lev Manovich, The Language of New Media, in American Literature 75.2 (2003): 456-458.


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